What is JAYA FIT & Lean Detox?

JAYA FIT & Lean Detox is a 100% Plant-Based supplement that provides your body with a 100% all-natural daily detox, relieving a host of discomforts linked to digestive health.* Our body soaks up toxins in what we eat and drink and breathe. Naturally, the body’s systems seek to flush out toxicity, and it is normally well-equipped for the job. But very often our systems get overwhelmed and backed up. Toxins begin to leech back into our bloodstream and travel to the organs of the body, causing a sluggishness in both body and mind.

There are many products out there offering cleansing treatments, but they’re often harsh on your body, or they aren’t safe for regular use. Jaya’s natural colon cleanse/detox provides gentle, easy cleansing.* And, because it’s 100% all-natural, it’s safe for daily, long-term use.* That is what makes JAYA FIT & Lean Detox more than just your typical 7-day body cleanse. You’re not just clean for a day or a week or even a month. Cleansing should be a daily activity, and feeling lighter and healthier should be a daily enjoyment.

What Are the Benefits of JAYA FIT & Lean Detox?

No one offers an easier way to naturally detox daily than JAYA FIT & Lean Detox. With our acclaimed formula, you can enjoy:

1. Overnight relief. Take 2 capsules before bed and JAYA FIT & Lean Detox provides a gentle elimination the next morning.

2. Increases energy levels. With less toxins blocking up your body’s systems, you’ll regain that renewed, refreshed feeling you’ve been longing for.

3. Look and feel younger and healthier. Toxins slow down the body’s ability to combat the effects of daily wear and aging. A daily detox of toxicity invigorates your body’s natural defenses so that it can rest and nourish itself like never before.

4. Sharper mind, clear complexion. The mind is affected by toxicity just as much as the rest of your organs. Throw off that mental “fuzziness” by ridding your body of unwanted buildup. Healthy elimination of waste renews the mind as well as the body. Daily cleansing also prevents your skin from breaking out in reaction to trapped toxins, which usually causes pimples, rashes and dark circles under the eyes.

5. Reduces bloating, water retention and sluggishness. Bloating and water retention is how the body dilutes excess toxicity. Sluggishness is usually the result of the body defending itself. By reducing the toxins in your system, you can eliminate uncomfortable bloating and feelings of fatigue.

How is our JAYA FIT & Lean Detox different than other products? Because it's non addictive!

JAYA FIT & Lean Detox does not contain harsh laxatives, chemicals or harsh herbal laxatives like Senna and Cascara Sagrada, which can't be taken long term (not safe).
JAYA FIT & Lean Detox is a non addictive formula and can be taken daily or when needed.
JAYA FIT & Lean Detox Formula contains 60 capsules x 500mg per capsule of a proprietary blend of Rhei Radix (Rhubarb - Root), Guazumae Folium (West Indian Elm - Leaf), Granatus Fructus (Pomegranate - Rind), Zingiber Montanum (Cassumunar Ginger - Root) can help ease many discomforts such as, constipation, feeling bloated, and poor dietary habits such as low fiber.*

Rhei Radix (Rhubarb Root Extract)

The anthraquinone-containing compounds of Rhei Radix (Rhubarb) serves to loosen fecal matter in the bowel. 

Guazumae Folium (West Indian Elm Leaf Extract)

Extract helps to inhibit the absorption of fat and increases the removal of fat through defecation. It benefits the body by lubricating the gastrointestinal system and it is often used to help with healthy weight loss. 

Granatus Fructus (Pomegranate Rind Extract)

Reduce inflammation of the intestine and swelling of hemorrhoids, tightens intestinal lining, and improves digestion.

Zingiber Montanum (Cassumunar Ginger Root Extract)

Reduces inflammation of the colon and can reduce chances of developing colon cancer.

Experience Pure, Natural Relief and Nourishment with a JAYA FIT & Lean Detox!

Experience what thousands of users experience everyday--a lifestyle-change that will have you feeling healthier and lighter than ever! Order your JAYA products today!



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