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How is JAYA Cleanse Made?

With great pride and loving care, all Jaya supplements are watched over in every process "from the soil to the shelf" to ensure that the finest seedlings are grown under the radiant tropical sun, tenderly harvested, carefully washed and sun-dried, then prepared at our state-of-the-art pharmaceutical manufacturing that meets the stringent standards of the World Health Organization and US FDA. This Formula is made with the highest quality pharmaceutical grade herbal ingredients.

  • JAYA's herbs are grown in the world's most fertile soils
  • JAYA herbal detox is lovingly attended from the soil to the shelf
  • JAYA Daily Cleanse is 20 times more concentrated than unextracted herbs

jaya plants

Great herbal botanical products can only come from great natural conditions: mineral rich soil, radiant sunshine, and nourishing monsoon rain. Scientists have long acknowledged that volcanic soil is the world's most nutrient rich soils. Jaya's herbs are grown in the best naturally nutrient rich soils under the shadow of the volcanoes of Southeast Asia. Nature has had the answer all along and it begins with the finest proprietary blends of herbal extracts which are designed to renew the health of all your cells. Remember, you are made of approximately 37 Trillion cells each of which can function completely and individually. Start by renewing the function of each cell and the result will be perfect balance in your body!

jayaleaf   Harvested at the peak potency! As plants mature, the potency changes. Knowing exactly when to harvest is key to having a great product.

jaya herbsEach ingredient is carefully graded, sorted, and washed to remove any soil and impurities. It is then sun-dried under the equatorial sun.

jaya extracts Proprietary process extracts the potent botanical goodness from each ingredient. This removes the bulk and retains the active ingredients.

jaya freeze dry Freeze drying removes all water resulting in a highly concentrated powder. So you only need to take a few capsules compared to unconcentrated herbs.

jaya capsulesThe final process is capsulation. This is done in the clean-room environment of our state-of-the-art multi-million dollar factory which is regulated under the stringent quality assurance of the United Nations World Health Organization "GMP" (Good Manufacturing Practice) rules. This is the worldwide standard that the best manufacturers are held accountable to. You can rest assured that all of Jaya's products are safe!  

JAYA Cleanse (Detox) is a special mix of Rhei Radix (Rhubarb - Root), Guazumae Folium (West Indian Elm - Leaf) Granatus Fructus (Pomegranate - Rind) Zingiber Montanum (Cassumunar Ginger - Root) that can help ease many discomforts such as, constipation, feeling bloated, and poor dietary habits such as low fiber.*

United Nations World Health Organization G.M.P. Certified

United States FDA Registration #13291821248