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About us

With everything that we do, we aim to challenge the status quo; we are here to inspire a consistent, balanced & healthy lifestyle. We think differently about the approach to health. We do things the right way—the natural way. We just happen to make great products & services.
Our supplements are formulated with sustainable high-end ingredients, beautifully designed, and easy to use. Cleanse, balance, & nourish your body the way nature intended; with ingredients that are whole and natural as the earth itself. 

What does JAYA mean?

JAYA (Pronounced Ji-yuh) comes from the ancient wisdom of the Sanskrit language. It means to be Victorious—healthy body, strong mind, and pure spirit. Ones Victory or "JAYA" is all about approaching the body as a whole—from the inside out.
The Whole Body is made of Organs. Organs are made from Tissues and Tissues are made from Cells. Therefore, in order for the Body to be Healthy, all the Cells have to be Healthy to produce Healthy Tissues and Organs. 
Our Core Philosophy is that you have to approach the body as a whole on a cellular level—from the inside-out. Good and poor health is determined at the level of the trillions of cells making up the human body

If every cell in your body is protected, nourished and communicating, they will build healthy tissues, which in turn will build healthy organs and you will have a healthier body to live in.

What is our flower a symbol of?

Our flower is a symbol of Purity. We strive for and demand purity in all our products.

That means:

No Fillers
No Sweeteners
No Fructose
No Artificial Ingredients
No Citric Acid
No Sucralose
No Sugar Alcohols
No Chemical Additives
No Synthetic Ingredients
No High Fructose Corn Syrup
No Color Additives
No GMO's
No Junk

When You Truly Care About Your Health -- You’ll Only Want The Very Best For Your Body!