JAYA Cleanse is a 100% plant-based supplement that provides your body with a 100% all-natural cleanse, relieving a host of discomforts linked to digestive health.



  • Rhei Radix (Rhubarb Root Extract)

    The anthraquinone- containing compounds of Rhei Radix (Rhubarb) serves to loosen fecal matter in the bowel.*

  • Guazumae Folium (West Indian Elm Leaf Extract)

    Inhibits the absorption of fat. Increases the removal of fat through defecation + lubricates your gastrointestinal system.* 

  • Granatus Fructus (Pomegranate Rind Extract)

    Reduces inflammation of the intestine and swelling of hemorrhoids, tightens intestinal lining, and improves digestion.*

  • Zingiber Montanum (Cassumunar Ginger Root Extract)

    Reduces inflammation of the colon and can reduce chances of developing colon cancer.*

 Our body soaks up toxins in what we eat and drink and breathe. Naturally, the body’s systems seek to flush out toxicity, and it is normally well-equipped for the job. But very often our systems get overwhelmed and backed up


There are many products out there offering cleansing treatments, but they’re often harsh on your body, or they build up a tolerance on your system.

Simple & Easy To Use

Jaya’s natural colon cleanse provides gentleeasy cleansing.* The difference is that it won't build up a tolerance on your system.* That is what makes JAYA Cleanse more than just your typical 7-day body cleanse. 


Feel Lighter & Healthier


bloating*, water retention*, regularity*, constipation*, problematic skin*, reduction of excess waste*, healthy weight loss*, cellulite*, increase energy*

Experience Pure, Natural Relief with JAYA Cleanse!

1 Jaya Cleanse (detox)

1 Jaya Cleanse (detox)

Sale price $ 49.95 Regular price $ 55.00

2 Jaya Cleanse (detox)

2 Jaya Cleanse (detox)

Sale price $ 97.99 Regular price $ 110.99

3 Jaya Cleanse (Fit & Lean Detox)

3 Jaya Cleanse (Fit & Lean Detox)

Sale price $ 137.99 Regular price $ 165.99

D-Ribose (Seasonal Product - Limited Supply)

D-Ribose (Seasonal Product - Limited Supply)

Sale price $ 29.95 Regular price $ 42.99


How does JAYA Cleanse work?

JAYA Cleanse contains natural herbal ingredients that gently flush toxins and stubborn fecal matter from your gut walls to promote proper growth of flora and healthy organ tissue.*

How is our JAYA Cleanse different than other products?

Because it's non addictive! Jaya Cleanse does not contain chemicals or harsh herbal laxatives like Senna and Cascara Sagrada--which build dependency. It is a non addictive formula and can be taken when needed.

What are the ingredients in JAYA Cleanse Formula?

JAYA Cleanse Formula contains 60 capsules x 500mg per capsule of a proprietary blend of Rhei Radix (Rhubarb - Root), Guazumae Folium (West Indian Elm - Leaf), Granatus Fructus (Pomegranate - Rind), Zingiber Montanum (Cassumunar Ginger - Root)

Can I take JAYA Cleanse Detox Formula if I have problems with diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol?

Yes! Our formula has specific action only on the bowels.

Can pregnant women take JAYA Cleanse?

As a standard precaution before taking any supplements, pregnant women as well as lactating mothers are always encouraged to seek the advice of their health care practitioner.

Can I take JAYA Cleanse Formula everyday for a long period of time?

JAYA Cleanse is a blend of natural herbs and contains no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. It assists by stimulating the muscle movement of the colon and encouraging matter to move forward through the system.*

Although our formula does not build up a tolerance, we recommend making healthy changes in diet and lifestyle as to not depend on it (or any product for daily use), even if it is effective.* The ultimate goal is to encourage the natural elimination process through proper diet, exercise and drinking plenty of water. Supplementation should come last.

Does Jaya contain senna or cascara segrada?

Jaya Cleanse does has no Senna, Cascara Segrada, preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, fillers, bulking agents or binders.

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