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    May 18, 2015

    We have improved our formula for our pure herbal cleanse, and it is now our FIT & LEAN DETOX. Our pure herbal cleanse was a 15-30 day supply, however, our new formula works even better and lasts longer (30-60 days depending how much you take it). You can now take less than before. We found that most people can take it everyday or every other day. For anyone who does take it every day you can buy in bundle packs to save. :) Right now we are offering Free Shipping too!This AMAZING plant-based blend is formulated using Traditional Chinese Medicine Principles by a Chinese Doctor with over 48 years of experience! This incredible non-addictive formulation is designed to nourish and...

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    Strawberry Paleo Muffins

    May 18, 2015

    It's still Springtime, and it's one of the best times to prepare Paleo diet recipes (if your into that). There is nothing like fresh spring produce to prepare your favorite recipes with. The beautiful colors and desirable flavors of the fresh fruit fill indoor and outdoor marketplaces. Here is one my favorite spring time recipes for your enjoyment! STRAWBERRY PALEO MUFFINS                   Strawberries are one of my favorite fruits, and my family shares my love of strawberries. They last only a day or two! If I am lucky enough to have leftovers, my first choice is to use them in baking recipes. Two oven baked products that are my favorite are strawberry...

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