New Pure Organic Protein!

July 27, 2016

New Pure Organic Protein!

2 Years ago consumer reports tested 25 of the best selling proteins on the market to see if they met their label claims.

Only 2 met claims.

Welcome to the world of Proteins...

One day walking through the grocery chain Sprouts (Love Sprouts) we looked at all the protein selections offered. After trying pretty much every plant-based protein offered, we could not find a Protein powder that was just that--Protein.

They either had too much fake flavorings, too grainy, or too much sweetener that left a weird after taste. Some tasted good at first but then became too much too soon.  

On top of that, some companies claimed to have "Organic" Protein but in fact it was not Organic protein. It was only packaged in an Organic Certified facility. So the ingredients themselves were not certified organic. This happens more than you would think.

Also, companies "Spike" their protein with cheap synthetic amino acids to bump up the protein content when it gets tested. So they can add an extra 3-5 grams of "protein" using synthetic aminos made from duck feathers and not real food.  

We wanted a protein that was JUST PROTEIN.

Protein powders are now filled with lots of junk that your body does not need. Why would you want half your protein scoop to be full of sweetener, fake flavoring, and synthetic duck feather aminos??


Yeah I've heard "pure," "only," "organic," "plant-based" and assumed it was healthy. But when you add all the junk--it's not so healthy after all. And adding those other ingredients makes it NOT pure anymore.

JAYA Pure Organic Protein is actually a Pure protein because is made with only plant-based protein sources. No other ingredients are added. It contains no synthetic chemicals, compounds, aminos (Glutamine, BCAA’s, etc…) that would spike the protein content to an artificial number; so you can have confidence in knowing that the whole protein amount listed on the bottle comes from only plant-based sources.


JAYA Pure Organic Protein combines seven powerful raw protein and superfood sources. This raw nutrient dense blend is easily digestible and has a complete plant-based amino acid profile. It is made up of raw organic pea protein, organic brown rice, organic amaranth, organic quinoa, organic buckwheat, organic millet, and organic chia.

Serving Size:

REAL Quality Organic Protein is not cheap and usually quality protein powders cost $60 just for 20 servings. Really? 20 servings for $60? 20 servings wont last you a month, or even two weeks if you have 2 servings a day. If you workout consistently you will need at least 1 heaping scoop or two regular ones a day.

More Protein Per Scoop:

Our goal was to have more protein per scoop--to maximize each scoop with JUST Protein in it, not with gross sweeteners, fake aminos and fake flavors.

How many servings are in JAYA Pure Organic Protein? 43!
Yes 43 servings with 20g of protein per scoop. Yeah that's approximately 860 grams per tub! 

Yes it's pretty bad ass. 

How does it taste? 

We are confident that our JAYA Pure Organic Protein is the best natural tasting protein on the market. It has the perfect balance between each ingredient making it smooth and not too grainy. It has a very good earthy taste to it. Also, to sweeten it you can add a little honey and it tastes really delicious.

Your body will crave the natural healthy-ness.

Your body knows when something is good for you and when it's not. You know it too with how you feel after you eat something. Don't be surprised to find yourself craving the healthy-ness of it.

Perfect start to each morning:

When we wake up, the first thing we have is a protein shake. It makes a great refreshing start to each day.

Give the healthiest and purest protein on planet earth a try. Order here!